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Contact with the De-Motor team

Contact with the De-Motor team

If you need to contact the de-Motor team, you have our email available. 

We will especially appreciate those messages that help us improve this site. Especially for:

  • Report programming errors and web viewing
  • Report errors about the content of the site.
  • Suggest new content that could be interesting.

Do you want to buy advertising space?

If you have a company or a business and you want to use this site to advertise you can use the following form to contract advertising.

What is our goal?

DeMotor is not a company that offers supplies or equipment of any kind. DeMotor is a project for the dissemination of information related to engines and engineering. In this project the two passions of its author are mixed, engineering, programming and the circulation of information on the internet.

Behind us there is no company or brand. The only source of funding is the advertising that can be seen on all pages. The income received through advertising allows us to pay the costs of maintenance, servers, etc.

Are there other similar projects?

Definitely yes. Engine is a project relating engineering to engines. However, we manage two other very important projects.

  • Project about solar energy. This project disseminates this kind og energy and concepts related to this renewable energy source. 
  • Project about nuclear energy. This site explains the operation of nuclear technology and the most important concepts related to this technology.

The intention of the three projects is to provide information that the visitor can understand despite not having technical knowledge.

Data de publicació: November 28, 2016
Última revisió: March 23, 2020