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DeMotor Blog

At DeMotor we have decided to create a blog. Our intention is to publish articles related to the motor world. These are opinion articles, studies or curiosities that are in some way related to the theme of our sections.

As DeMotor editors, we sometimes find it good to add some technical information related more to the world of physics and engineering. We understand that this pad will help us to improve related concepts such as thermodynamics and its laws or the units of the international system of measurements, or the way of expressing different types of energy.

Organization of the Blog

The articles in this blog will be classified in a similar way to how we do it in most of the website. Thus, a part of the articles will be related to thermal motors and others to electric motors. On the other hand, we are going to talk about concepts such as electricity, thermal energy.

Another objective of this section is to be able to talk about news in the motor world. Curiosities of the new designs of the different brands, advances in the field of the electric car etc.


Published: January 20, 2020
Last review: January 20, 2020