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High performance motors, improves efficiency and reduces energy consumption

High performance motors, improves efficiency and reduces energy consumption

In the fight against climate change, cars and machinery, specifically their engines, play a fundamental role, since they are responsible for a large part of the gases that are emitted into our atmosphere. In this article we tell you the solution that triumphs now: high performance engines. In addition, the importance of being consistent in our energy consumption starting with our home and the energy rates we hire in it.

Choose green fees

In addition to our car or company, we also have the responsibility to promote the sustainability of the planet from our home. To start, we can do it in the hiring of our energy rates. In the case of moving to another home, if the supplies are active, you will not be able to choose another rate until you change the holder of the electricity and gas by telephone or internet. It is necessary for many of the light and gas management. Also, the change of ownership of supplies is mandatory with the sale , divorce and inheritance.

Only when your name appears in the contract can you choose from the numerous existing rates. You can opt for those whose energy is clean, that is, that comes from renewable energy sources. Look at the price of kWh offered by each marketer and read all the conditions. Of course, keep in mind that each rate is different and for example in the regulated market the price of kWh varies every day.

What are the characteristics of high performance engines?

Here we tell you the characteristics of high performance engines and why it is important for the industry to start feeding on them. Since according to the figures, 70% of the energy consumed by the industry is aimed at engines:

  • Energy saving: the main characteristic of these products is the energy saving that it entails. When less energy is needed, this will also result in economic savings, which in the industries will be noticeable in the invoices, especially at an annual level.
  • Longer duration : in addition, its useful life is not short. Therefore, it is an important investment for companies to replace their engines and improve energy efficiency. In fact, some energy companies offer an efficient motor service to optimize consumption and achieve significant energy savings. The advice and support in this process is essential to achieve the final savings.

Many companies ask for energy audits to see from which point they can reduce energy consumption and, without a doubt, this is one of the main options that are carried out.

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Publication Date: January 20, 2020
Last Revision: January 20, 2020