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What is direct current?

What is direct current?

The direct current is a type of electrical current on the flow direction of the flow of electric charge does not vary. The load flow occurs through a conductor such as a metal wire, but could also be established through a semiconductor, an insulator or even vacuum as in a cathode ray tube . In this type of electric current electrical charges always flow in the same direction, being a hallmark front alternating current. A synonym is unused direct current galvanic current.

The first commercial power grid, developed by Thomas Edison in the late nineteenth century, using direct current. Today, due to the advantages of the alternate current regarding possibilities of processing and transport, distribution and transportation networks used almost exclusively alternate current.

In the case of applications that require current, as in the case of the railway system that uses third rail, alternating current reaches a substation that uses a rectifier to convert it to direct current.

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Last review: March 15, 2017